With great privilege and humility…

Chris Freiburger, PhD, Principal, Human Capital Management Group, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of working with Cynthia at her two prior employers over the past 15-years or so. I don’t know of anyone in the field of HR and OD that is more passionate about the field, her work and a making a true difference. She understands the importance of HR and OD to business success and truly appreciates the complexities of getting the balance between people, culture, and collaboration to make a winning combination. She is particularly experienced applying her expertise in startups, high growth businesses, and companies in transition. I highly recommend her in these types of roles.”

Michele Honomichl, Executive Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer at Celergo

“Cynthia is a great builder of human capital programs which enable high growth organizations to recruit, reward, and retain their employees. Through the use of her organizational development background, she is able to create developmental strategies for companies and career enhancement opportunities for their employees. It was a pleasure to work with Cynthia. She provided me with an invaluable education on both the basic and finer points of human resources management.”

Brett Knights, Chief Operating Officer – Global Managed Payroll at SafeGuard World International

“Cynthia is a strong, knowledgeable and competent senior leader, coach and mentor. She has a passion for aligning people within the business to ensure business goals are achieved. Her ability to work across multiple levels of the organization (team member to C-level) allows her to provide unique insight into the strengths and opportunities within the company.”

Thad Pruss, Executive Director of Global Payroll Shared Services

“Cynthia develops strong positive working relationships which enables her to provide valuable insight to leverage employee desire with business need, and provide excellent personal coaching and mentoring. She is very experienced at supporting all levels of an organization. She has very strong HR expertise. Cynthia is a valuable member of the company’s leadership team.”

Doug Grimsted, CEO Aginity, LLC

“We had a unique culture at Geneer that challenged people to achieve the impossible for our customers. Cynthia played a key role by helping our people find the path that worked best for themselves, for the organization, and for the customer. Cynthia has a great sense for what makes people tick. And she knows what makes high performance teams work. What really made her unique was her ability to coach people to integrate their personal goals and needs with the needs of the team and with the needs of the company. I recommend Cynthia to any organization that is ready to graduate to being a more mature, professionally managed enterprise.”

Ken Florian, Chief People Officer, Aginity

“The organizational development programs Cynthia envisioned and developed at Geneer were instrumental in the fast growth and success of the firm. I worked with Cynthia throughout her tenure at Geneer and almost daily for 1.5 years. During that time Cynthia taught me (and the entire executive team) what it meant to proactively design and build the “human” side of a company. Cynthia is a skilled coach and mentor with whom I have stayed in close contact. I heartily and happily endorse Cynthia’s ethics and professionalism and vouch for expertise in organizational development.”

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