Luna Solutions provides services based on HR needs at the particular stage of your company’s four stages of growth. [Go to HR A’la Carte]

On Boarding

A systematic approach to the hiring process to ensure the attraction and hire of the most qualified candidates.

  1. Job description development
  2. Recruitment/Ad placement
  3. Behavioral interview
  4. Hire assessment
  5. Offer/offer processing
  6. New employee orientation

Employee Policies

A clear, concise and flexible set of guidelines that communicate what employees can expect, and in turn, what the company expects from their employees.  Inclusion of policies to ensure regulatory compliance.


Attract and retrain the highest level of talent by ensuring that salaries and reward systems paid to new existing employees meet or exceed industry standards – external equity; and that internal equity exists within job groups.

  1. Periodic review and research of industry market and internal recruiting data, as well as related practices and trends
  2. Position evaluation/matching
  3. Position/people/salary matrix (Compa-ratio reporting)
  4. Research of non-traditional compensation practices


Work with client company to develop a comprehensive benefits package that can be used as a strategic tool to attract, motivate and retain talent.

  1. Annual competitive bid pricing and analysis
  2. Annual contractual agreement
  3. New employee enrollment and education
  4. Day-to-day employee/benefit carrier Q&A as needed
  5. Benefits administration

Employee Relations

Offer a external and confidential alternative for people to have confidential conversations. Provide professional and developmental coaching.

  1. Building trust
  2. Employee engagement
  3. Formal EAP programs

Performance Feedback

Work with Client Company to design a fluid feedback process to ensure honest and frequent communication to support the profession growth and development of their employees.

  1. Feedback instruments
  2. On-on-one development planning meetings
  3. Competency/behavioral-based assessments

Performance Appraisal

To ensure an appropriate employee development process based on performance that allows for employee growth and alternative career pathing.

  1. Position/role definition
  2. Goal definition
  3. Succession identification and planning

Professional Development

To ensure that employees at all levels have team, leadership, management, interpersonal, technical and other competency/skill development needed to successfully perform their jobs.

  1. Training initiatives – Internal and external
  2. Use of various certified assessment tools

Organizational Development

  1. Organizational diagnosis and restructuring
  2. Transition management
  3. Employee and client surveys
  4. Executive coaching
  5. Career re-alignment coaching