Who needs an Executive Coach?

Perhaps the question should be: Who wants an Executive Coach?

According to a 2013 Executive Coaching Survey conducted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Center for Leadership Development and Research with The Miles Group, nearly two-thirds of CEOs do not receive outside leadership advise – but nearly all of them want it. And what’s interesting is that nearly 100% of CEOs in the survey responded that they actually enjoy the process of receiving coaching.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • CEOs are the ones looking to be coached. 78% of CEOs responded that it was their own idea (not that of their boards).
  • The coaching “progress” is largely kept private. More than 60% of the CEOs responded that the progress they are making in their coaching sessions is kept between themselves and their coach.
  • How to handle conflict ranks as the highest area of concern for CEOs. Nearly 43% of CEOs rated “conflict management skills” the highest.
  • Top areas that CEOs use coaching to improve: sharing leadership/delegation, conflict management, team building and mentoring. Short on the list are motivational skills, compassion/empathy, and persuasion skills which are less tangible, but none the less, are extremely important to make a difference in the CEO’s overall effectiveness.

Cynthia Brinkley has a number of years of experience in coaching CEOs and other executives with their leadership and interpersonal skills. [Go to Testimonials]

Executives, especially young entrepreneurs, may fully understand their “business”, but don’t always understand how to interact with their boards and/or employees. They struggle with conflict, inspiring their employees to be the best that they can be, articulating a vision and mission that everyone can and want to embrace, and other such interpersonal interactions.

If you are considering an executive coach, Cynthia Brinkley offers a confidential and sensitive approach to her executive coaching assignments. To compliment her coaching skills, she is certified in Leadership Assessment (FIRO-B™), Conflict Resolution (TKI®) and Coaching for Results.

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